Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Polenta With Kale and Egg

I love leftovers.

Sometime this summer, I made more polenta with kale than I had time to eat. So, three slabs of the polenta went into my freezer. I defrosted them this week, and have been eating them along with a fried egg, salt and pepper. It makes for a tasty and filling breakfast. And I'm really pleased at how well the polenta held up in the freezer!


Michelle said...

Now THAT's a healthy breakfast. You just mixed the kale into the polenta as it cooked?

Beatrice said...

The recipe actually starts by boiling kale for about 10 minutes before stirring in the polenta. The polenta has a cream of wheat-like consistency when it is done cooking, but once it cools, you can cut it into slabs.

The recipe for polenta with kale is from Jack Bishop's Italian Vegetarian Cookbook, which is one of my favorites.