Saturday, December 26, 2009

Orange Swirls

While I love to cook, there are times when it's nice to sit back and enjoy something prepared by someone else. My mom is a really good cook -- I was lucky to grow up eating homemade bread, pasta, and cookies. I do my own cooking now, but I ask my mom to make something for my birthday each year. This year, I asked for orange swirls.

The swirls have a yeasty, orange-flecked dough, and a simple honey-nutmeg-almond filling. (There's also a honey-lemon glaze, which we skipped.) We wound up with 14 good-sized swirls, rather than the 10 suggested by the recipe. The swirls take two to three hours from start to finish, so if you want to eat them for breakfast, you might consider making them the day before.

The recipe comes from the Holly B cookbook -- I ran across it at Dana Treat.


Vegan Epicurean said...

They look wonderful! I can see why you asked for them. Who wouldn't want warm, sticky, sweet rolls? You are making me hungry and I am still full from dinner.


Dana said...

So glad you got to try these! What did you think? They turned out beautifully!

Beatrice said...

@Alicia: The swirls are hard to pass up. When I typed that people who wanted the rolls for breakfast might consider making them the day before, my mom said, "but then they'll eat them the day before..."

@Dana: They are really good (and I can see why you would like the honey-lemon glaze) -- thank you for posting the recipe!

Velva said...

OMG! Those orange swirls look absolutely delicious. I can see why you asked your mom to bake them for you. I love it.