Saturday, June 14, 2008

D Bar Desserts

D Bar Desserts is a new addition to Restaurant Row, and the creation of celebrity chef Keegan Gerhard. Offerings at D Bar range from cookies and chocolate candy-studded rice krispy treats, to prepared desserts like tiramisu, to the (somewhat pricey) desserts assembled, sushi-bar style, at the dessert bar.

A friend and I tried the tiramisu ($4.50) on a recent visit to D Bar. Tiramisu is one of my favorite desserts; I love the ladyfingers soaked in espresso and liqueur. The tiramisu at D Bar looked beautiful, but was somewhat unbalanced in terms of flavors. In particular, there was a disappointingly small amount of my beloved ladyfingers, and a disproportionate amount of mascarpone. However, the coffee which we ordered to accompany the tiramisu was excellent, and provided a much needed contrast to the excessive amounts of mascarpone in the tiramisu.

While I will be getting my tiramisu elsewhere, I will likely be back at D Bar to try one of the dessert bar creations. These include helado domingo (flan, plantains 2 ways, ice cream, rum cream and caramel sauce - $9), "tasting of strawberry" (almond lavender cream, sable breton shortbread and strawberries 6 ways - $10), and liquid center chocolate cake with cherries and ice cream ($10).

Dessert may be taken on the patio out front, at one of the few tables inside, or sitting at the dessert bar itself.

D Bar is open from 11 a.m. to midnight.

D Bar Desserts
1475 E. 17th Ave (near 17th & Humboldt)
Denver, CO 80218


mike said...

We gave this a try last night based your write up. We had the LC3, a molten chocolate cake, and it was great. Good find!

Mike @

Beatrice said...

Molten chocolate sounds intense, but in a good way...

I will put that on my list of desserts to try there.

Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

I just got back from D Bar Desserts. I sat with my mother and my brother at the bar. i loved that you can observe his technique. We tried the "smoked" wild chocolate and cherries, Cake and shake, tropical pavlova, and the LC3. All of them tasted amazing! When I told Keegan that I wanted to be a pastry chef, he gave me advice based off of his own personal experiences and recommended where to begin my career. I loved the place so much, I am going back tomorrow night to try the rest of the menu!


Anonymous said...

Tried it last night. Sorry to say it wasn't a good experience. Poor service. Desserts looked good but tasted basic. For the money I was looking for "wow!"... got "ok".