Saturday, July 26, 2008

Behind the Apron: Beatrice Revealed!

Beatrice, before becoming vegetarian...

This week, Ginger Beat is participating in "Behind the Apron 2," organized by Fiber at 28 Cooks. "Behind the Apron" is intended to help readers learn a little bit more about food blog authors. Participants are instructed to "post a picture of yourself on your blog, revealing as much (tastefully, of course) or as little as you want. Introduce yourself, show us your family, do whatever you want."

A Recent Portrait of "Beatrice"

As you can see, I cheated and didn't include a current photo of myself, although I am posting a recent portrait of "Beatrice." Also, the joke about eating pigeons as a youth might not meet the "tasteful" requirement. Oh, well.

As for the story behind this blog: I've been vegetarian for about 15 years. During that time, my eating pattern has developed from simply "not eating meat" to being fairly vegetable-focused. Apart from the occasional veggie brat, I don't eat a lot of mock-meat. I would generally rather enjoy an interesting vegetable dish than attempt to re-create a traditional meal without the meat.

This spring, I decided to start a blog about options for vegetarians in the Denver area. While Denver is generally pretty vegetarian friendly, it can be hard to determine which restaurants, apart from mainstays like Watercourse, will have decent meatless menu offerings. The blog also chronicles my adventures (or, more often, mis-adventures) in the kitchen.

Questions? Suggestions? Hot tip about great veggie dim sum in the Denver area? Feel free to shoot me an e-mail at beatriceroot at yahoo dot com.

Food blogging will resume shortly. Thank you for reading!



Kitt said...

Thanks for your "introduction"! Cute baby pic. And pigeon is tasty. I'm just sayin'.

My vegetarian neighbor has enjoyed Domo in the past; they do some excellent vegetarian dishes. They originally did not serve sushi, but specialized in stews and other country fare. Those things are still on the menu.

I used to love Domo for dinner, but as the years have gone by the service has lost its initial enthusiasm. The space is lovely, though (with a garden and Japanese farmhouse museum), and their lunches are affordable and good.

Domo restaurant

Beatrice said...

Thanks for the tip! I haven't yet been to Domo but will have to check it out.

I will leave the pigeon to you. :)

I forgot to credit my dad for the baby pic.


Lisa (Show Me Vegan) said...

Hi! I found you through 28 Cooks. Cool "Beatrice" present day photo!

Beatrice said...

Thank you, Lisa. Your blog is lovely, and the rum punch from your "Behind the Apron" entry is intriguing. (I like the frozen blueberries as a garnish!)


james said...

Well done blog. I know exactly where the "Beatrice" sign is! On the Ice House building next to Rodizio.

Take care and keep cool the posts!

Beatrice said...

You're onto me, James - that is where the portrait of "Beatrice" was taken.

Thanks for reading!


Miriam Kato said...

Hi Beatrice, thanks for the invite in Foodbuzz! I love your blog, it's awesome. Your pictures look professional and the recipes, well, I feel like I'd like to try them all. I think I will start with the olive bread. :)

Tricia O'Brien said...

Your blog is beautiful! Thanks for the comments. More vegetarian food to come! I love vegies.....