Friday, July 18, 2008


What's better than ice cream on a hot summer day? Dark chocolate ice cream!

While the flavors change daily, Liks always seems to be scooping least one dark chocolate option. The difference isn't clear from the photo at left, but the dark chocolate is truly darker than regular chocolate ice cream. Whether "plain" dark chocolate, or a flavor like Black Gold or Billionaire that has goodies such as caramel and nuts blended in, the ice cream has a delightfully rich, creamy dark chocolate flavor.

I can't comment on any of the other flavors because I am never able to resist the dark chocolate...

Enjoy your ice cream on the patio adjacent to the restaurant, or in nearby Cheeseman Park.

2039 East 13th Ave (13th and Vine)
Denver, CO 80206


Kitt said...

Yum! The new Pajama Baking Co. had dark chocolate the other night, too. I had a scoop of that and of toasted sesame. The chocolate was way better.

Dine With Donna said...

What a tempting site with our 93 degree hot humid weather.