Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Not-So-Veg Saag Paneer at the British Bulldog

On my first visit to the British Bulldog, I was pleased to find that their menu featured both traditional pub fare and Pakistani dishes. I tried and really liked the saag paneer ($9.50) -- chunks of cheese cooked in a spinach curry, served over seasoned basmati rice, with cilantro chutney and pita on the side. While some saags are too creamy for my taste, the emphasis in this saag was on the spinach and the spices.

Unfortunately, on my second visit, I found small but unmistakable chunks of lamb in my saag. The restaurant's menu states that lamb and chicken are available for an additional cost, but in this case, it appeared that the lamb and saag had been cooked together. It's a shame, because it was fun to eat saag in a pub atmosphere, and because the British Bulldog is close enough to downtown Denver to be a convenient workday lunch spot.

The British Bulldog does have some other vegetarian offerings -- including a veg burger ($6.50) and cheese quesadillas ($5.95) -- but none of the choices are as interesting as the saag.

The British Bulldog
2052 Stout Street (corner of Stout and Broadway)
Denver, CO 80202


Dana Treat said...

Oh my gosh - don't you HATE when that happens? I ordered something recently with tofu instead of chicken and then got an unmistakable bite of chicken - yuck.

Beatrice said...

It was somewhat traumatic - I'm sorry that you've had a similar recent experience!