Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tea Embassy: Mexican Winter Rooibos and Almond Cookie Tea

While I was picking out gifts for others this holiday season, I decided to get a treat for myself, too: two of my favorite teas, which happen to come from the Tea Embassy in Austin, Texas. I discovered the teas (and the Tea Embassy) while living in South Texas a few years back. While I'm glad to be back home in Colorado, I have missed the tea.

The first is Mexican Winter Rooibos: a rooibos herbal tisane (or "red tea") blended with orange, cinnamon, coconut, chili bits and red pepper. It smells fantastic and tastes delicious, especially with a little honey.

The second is Almond Cookies Green Tea: organic green tea flavored with almond and coconut. "But, doesn't it have that strong green tea taste?" No, it actually really does taste like almond cookies. Which is probably why, whenever I place an order, I get a call from the Tea Embassy telling me that they'll need a few extra days to fill it, because they're currently out of the Almond Cookies Tea. But, it's worth waiting for, and it never seems to take that much longer, anyway.

Tea Embassy
(orders are taken through their Tea Treasures website, here)
900 Rio Grande Street
Austin, TX 78701


veggie belly said...

wow! these teas sounds great! i didnt know there was a mexican rooibis (thought it was african). i love chili in beverages like tea, coffee or hot chocolate. it adds that great warming chocolate. i like to add a dash of cayenne to my hot chocolate. almond cookie tea sounds perfect for the holidays. i think i'll have to order some :) check out my latest tea post :)

Beatrice said...

I think that rooibos is South African, but the seasonings in this blend are inspired by Mexico - if that makes sense.

I did not realize that you had just posted about tea, as well! Your recipes for Moroccan mint tea and Kahwa look delicious.