Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kuulture Frozen Yogurt

Kuulture serves up frozen yogurt, but there's no chocolate or vanilla to be found. Instead, customers choose between "original" (with a hint of lemon), acai, blue-raspberry, and pomeberry (pomegranate cranberry). The "original" is pictured above; I had the light pink, sweet/tart acai on a recent visit.

Dry toppings and fresh fruit add-ons are available; I hope to try mochi bits as a topping on a future visit (they were out of the mochi when we visited today).

Not only does Kuulture offer an assortment of "superfood" flavors, but the yogurt is pleasantly tangy, and not overly sweet. While the frozen yogurt that I've had in the past struck me as a pale imitation of ice cream, this frozen yogurt is defiantly yogurt-like. And, as an unexpected bonus, non-fat.

Kuulture is not part of a chain, although its owners are looking to open a second store -- in Boulder -- soon. If they do, they'll find themselves competing with Cefiore, which recently added a location at 14th Street and the Pearl Street Mall to the list of its L.A.-style yogurt shops across the U.S. and abroad.

1512 Larimer (in Writer's Square)
Denver CO 80203
Open 11 am to 11 pm, daily


Kitt said...

Did you get that promo email from the Cefiore folks? I rarely get to Boulder and never buy frozen yoghurt, so it was wasted on me.

I may try Kuulture if I'm in the neighborhood, though.

Beatrice said...

I did. However, I already had a post on Kuulture scheduled. And, like you, I don't travel to Boulder that often.

I haven't had frozen yogurt in years (I personally associate it with the 1980's) but I liked the stuff at Kuulture.


Tyler said...

I'm not sure about Kuulture but most frozen yogurt has gelatin in it.

Anonymous said...

my favorite dessert place that's no even bad for you. I love it so much and have it 3 times a week! Close to work ;)